This Weekend's Weather: Not Summer, Not Fall ({{commentsTotal}})

Summer is still battling autumn
Summer is still battling autumn Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The occasional showers originally predicted for the end of this week have seemed to bypass the nation, but temperatures are expected to drop slightly in anticipation of autumn, which will be officially unveiled at the end of next week.

If forecasts by the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute are correct, Friday's nighttime temperatures will be around 5 C in central and eastern areas, but could stay has high as 14 C in Kuressaare.

Saturday and Sunday are very similar in their outlook, with daytime temperatures expected to range from 17 to 21 C across the nation. But the nights should grow slightly warmer, increasing from around 8 C in central areas on Saturday night to 10 C the next night with readings on both nights slightly higher on the islands. Winds should remain weak.

Because the current high-pressure zone will then be blown away by a low-pressure system arriving from the west, rain could be on the cards from Monday.