Kross Running Against Reform, Social Dems, Not Savisaar, Experts Say ({{commentsTotal}})

Rein Toomla
Rein Toomla Source: Photo: ERR

Experts have said that the high-profile, anti-Savisaar campaign by Eerik-Niiles Kross, IRL's candidate for Mayor of Tallinn, is in fact mainly geared towards winning out over other opposition parties in Tallinn.

Political scientist Rein Toomla told ETV on Friday that Kross and IRL has a clear vision of how to tackle current mayor Edgar Savisaar, but few ideas about how to improve the city.

“They [IRL] are not rivals for the Center Party or Savisaar. They are watching, in distress, how the Free Citizen of Tallinn election coalition is taking votes from them,” Toomla said, adding that IRL is competing against the Social Democrats and the Reform Party for the number two slot.

Media expert Marek Reinaas told on Friday that IRL's tactic is not to pit parties, principles or promises against each other, but to focus on individuals.

He said that Kross has fought to be the number one alternative to Savisaar.

“Not only paid media is being used, but they [IRL and Kross] also are also seeking situations where the media is already there. They happen to be in places where they can get their message out,” Reinaas said.

On Thursday, in a stunt thought to be organized by Kross, a drone helicopter hovered in front of cameras during a live TV appearance by Savisaar, carrying a poster accusing the mayor of corruption.

The event follows other similar activities by IRL and Kross against Savisaar.