Court Bars IRL From Using Mayor's Name in Attack Website Addresses ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Ruling on a civil suit on Tuesday, Harju County Court banned the political party IRL from registering or using websites with domains similar to the name of Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar.

The order comes shortly after an initial website,, was shut down, but was replaced with another,, displaying political attack ads.

IRL was banned from using the words "edgarsavisaar," "savisaaredgar," "esavisaar" and other words related to "savisaar." However, other words which my draw a connection to the mayor but which were not specifically forbidden may still be used. The party can face penalties if it defies the ban.

With the October 20 elections drawing nearer, political mudslinging is heating up.

Last week, a remote-controlled drone carrying an IRL election campaign poster hovered in front of cameras during a live TV appearance by Savisaar. A few days before that, city authorities removed IRL-funded, anti-Savisaar political ads that had appeared in front of the Tallinn City Government building hours earlier. The posters read: "Savisaar's corruption takes 1,000 euros from your family each year. Let's bring that to an end."

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