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Tartu's Ahhaa Science Center
Tartu's Ahhaa Science Center Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The Researchers’ Night Festival, this year themed "The Big Experiment," kicks off on September 22 with a week-long program in Tartu and culminates on the night of September 27 as part of a pan-European event , with 300 events in store all over Estonia.

In Tallinn, a host of events, games and experiments taking place at museums, secret laboratories and a "science tram" will be broadcast on ETV, reported

But the heart of the event will be in Estonia's university town and second city, Tartu. On September 24, two science domes will be erected at the Tartu Town Hall. The Ahhaa Science Center will feature science cafés, film nights with expert critiques of Hollywood movies, and workshops on how to make 3D glasses and decode secret languages. It all starts with a conference called "You are a guinea pig," which will focus, among other things, on the experiments of everyday life which we might not even realize we are apart of.

Documentary film afternoons will be hosted in at the Genialistide Klubi in Tartu and at the Artis cinema in Tallinn.

See the Ahhaa website for a complete schedule.