IEA: Estonia Needs to Reduce Dependence on Oil Shale ({{commentsTotal}})

Maria van der Hoeven
Maria van der Hoeven Source: Photo: ERR

The director of the International Energy Agency, Maria van der Hoeven, was in Tallinn today to introduce the results of an IEA analysis of the Estonian energy sector.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has said that Estonia will join the organization by the year's end.

The main conclusion of the analysis was that the industry should become more versatile, as Estonia is still set apart from other OECD countries by its dependence on a single dominant energy source - oil shale.

But the organization also recognized steps already taken to reduce pollution and increase the share of renewable energy. Van der Hoeven further pointed out the risks of Estonia's reliance on Russian gas and its energy isolation from the rest of Europe.

Minister of Economic Affairs Juhan Parts said joining the organization is an important milestone in becoming a decision-maker in the development of global energy policy.

Estonia began accession talks with the organization in 2011. The IEA is an independent organization founded by the OECD, an international organization whose 34 member states are mostly high-income economies. Only members of the OECD can join the IEA.