Satanists Go to Court Over Registration Snub ({{commentsTotal}})

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Estonian Satanists are heading to court this week over being denied registration in the country's non-profit associations and foundations list. 

The group known as the Estonian Satanist Congregation filed a complaint with the Tartu County Court over an April 30 decision by the same court's registrar.

The registrar denied the group the desired status because of the principles expressed in the congregation's statute, Tartu court spokeswoman Krista Tamm told

The registrar cited an opinion from the Interior Ministry that deemed the denial of registration "justified and legitimate."

Under the Churches and Congregations Act, registration is to be withheld from religious groups whose activities "harm the public order, health, morals or the rights and freedoms of other people."

The statute of the Estonian Satanists (in Estonian) is available here.

Tartu County Court will discuss the case this week or next.