Citing Lack of Evidence to Contrary, Health Foundation Views E-Cigarettes as Harmful as Smoke ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Reuters/Scanpix

The Estonian Health Foundation has proposed to the Minister of the Interior that e-cigarettes be declared the equivalent of tobacco products, with sale to minors, use in public and advertising prohibited, and an excise duty applied to e-liquid, the active nicotine-containing ingredient.

"Use of e-cigarettes has risen dramatically among youth, too, and without analysis it is not clear whether a specific e-liquid contains nicotine or not. If children are pulling on an e-cigarette in public transport and telling adults who would reprimand them that it is not prohibited it is clear that society needs clear rules," said chairman of the foundation, Eero Merilind, in a news release on Tuesday.

"The ads for e-cigarettes rely on the argument that it is a healthful activity, which is misleading as nicotine is a neurological toxin in any form it is administered."

"E-cigarette marketers claim that it is a healthier alternative but there are actually no studies that would corroborate that claim."