Elisa Wins Contract to Provide Call Service for Government ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Wireless operator Elisa has been awarded a sizeable contract to provide communication services for several government agencies. 

Elisa, which has generally been on a defensive footing in the past few years with EMT increasing its share and leading in 4G development, will be the carrier for the Tax and Customs Board, Statistics Estonia, Ministry of Finance and the ministry's information technology center.

Elisa corporate client division director Jüri Teemant said Elisa's market share in the public sector will rise to 50 percent thanks to the successful bid. 

"In 2011, only EMT offered wireless communications services to the government, but today, it is divided equally between the two largest mobile operators," he said. 

Teemant said that the key criterion for Elisa at this tender round was the lower bid. 

A similar tender in 2011 was won by Elisa and challenged fiercely in court by rivals Elion and EMT. Elisa's prevailed, however, after nine months of wrangling.