Tele2 Recruiters Turn Sights Abroad in Search of IT Talent ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

One of Estonia's telecoms, Tele2, has begun cooperating with AIESEC, an international nonprofit that provides students with leadership training and internship opportunities, in an effort to bring young IT experts from universities all over the world to Estonia.

Tele2 Estonia's personnel director, Helena Evert, said the firm is seeking fresh graduates for job positions that the company has struggled to fill in Estonia, reported Initially, the company's goals are modest - with openings just for two new employees (again, the company says it has struggled to fill the positions). Evert said Tele2 plans to continue with the program, called Tech Talent, in future recruitment campaigns.

The new employees will first have one-year contracts, with the option of being extended to a permanent position if everything works out.

A local representative of AIESEC, Aiki Arro, said only around 10 youths are currently working in Estonia in connection with the program, but that the number might double this year.

"The foreigners will bring to Estonia a specific technical background and specialized experience that is not so easy to find in Estonia. A lot of people all over the world are interested, with nearly 100 candidates per position," Arro said.