Health Board Gives Tap Water Thumbs Up ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The Health Board has given a passing grade to the drinkability of Estonian tap water, recommending that consumers check with officials on the quality of their particular local water before purchasing expensive filters.

In addition to regular monitoring by water management companies, the Health Board conducts its own inspections, last year checking 1,105 water supplies that together supplied drinking water to nearly 90 percent of the population, reported

"Analyses conducted in the course of state inspections have so far shown that Estonia does not have a problem with heavy metal content, pesticide residue or other substances that can harm human health in the water supply," said the Health Board's environmental health director, Leena Albreht.

She said there are currently 32 water supplies where fluoride levels exceed norms and three small supplies where boron levels exceed norms.

"There are still a few isolated water supplies in Estonia where water quality does not meet requirements for iron and manganese, but this water does not harm human health, although it can be cloudy or yellow with a bad odor," Albreht said.

Information on water quality in all of Estonia's water supplies can be viewed on the Health Board's website.