Iceland Dethrones Estonia in Internet Freedom Rankings ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR News

According to the latest Internet freedom rankings from the human rights organization Freedom House, Estonia is now second out of a representative sample of the world's countries, falling out of first place.

In the Freedom on the Net 2013 study, Freedom House compared Internet and digital media freedom in 60 countries - specifically, obstacles to Internet access, restrictions on Internet content including censorship, and violations of user rights.

Iceland came first with six points, and Estonia second with nine points. Germany (17) was third, tied with the US. Australia (18), France (20), Japan (20), Hungary (23) and Italy (23) came next, with the UK (24) also managing a spot in the top, 0-30-point bracket of the most free countries.

Russia came in 41st of the 60 countries and was placed in the second bracket. Estonia's other neighbors were not covered in the survey.

Estonia's best score was in Internet access and lack of restrictions in which it was awarded only one point.