Lawmakers Debate Cultural Plans, 'State Architect' ({{commentsTotal}})

At the drawing board
At the drawing board Source: Photo: ERR

Cabinet ministers are reviewing the state's 2020 development program for cultural activities, a document that has been several years in the making.

Among other issues is the discussion over whether to establish the position of State Architect. When initially proposed, critics asked whether such a position was even needed, but now the initiative has gained popularity, with several institutions vying for the proposed office, reported ETV.

"Thanks to the good work of architects, and perhaps even more so thanks to the annoying prevalence of ugly architecture that has cropped up (the state's own institutions are covered with roof sheet and other such abominations), we have now reached the understanding that the position is necessary. Suddenly, all of the ministries want the State Architect to reside in their area of administration," MP Liisa-Ly Pakosta, a member of Parliament's Cultural Affairs Committee, said yesterday.

Critics of the culture strategy say it is vague.

The ministries of finance and education have yet to weigh in on the paper, after which the respective parliamentary committee will make its recommendations to the minister of cultural affairs. After that, Parliament's plenary assembly will put it to a vote, with little room for amendments.

"These are take-it-or-leave-it documents," said MP Jaak Allik, a Social Democrat, adding that he nevertheless believes the strategy will gain multipartisan support.