And They're Off: Advance Voting, E-Voting Begin ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Estonia's 2013 municipal elections got off to a start this morning, with e-voting beginning at 09:00 and early voting at selected polling stations beginning at noon.

In addition to 16 polling stations in Tallinn and six in Tartu, at least one will be up and running in each county, reported ETV.

The rest of the polling stations will then open for early voting on October 14 and remain operating through October 16, the day advance voting - both in-person and electronic - ends.

The head of the National Electoral Committee, Alo Heinsalu, said the biggest difference for voters from previous elections is that the advance voting period is longer.

In Estonia's last elections, the 2011 parliamentary election, 43 percent of voters cast their ballots in advance. Heinsalu said he could not be sure whether the longer advance voting period would improve voter turnout.

"I admit that the figure is already sizable. The main event is, nevertheless, Election Day on October 20," Heinsalu said.