Finnair Exec: No Major Changes in Store for Baltic Air Travel ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

In Tallinn to mark Finnair's 90th anniversary, the carrier's vice president of business affairs, Allister Paterson, said he does not predict any vast transformations in the dynamics of the Baltic aviation market.

"[The market will be] probably about the same size as now. I don't see any real shrinkage or consolidation," Paterson told ETV.

"I don't see any big growth but there will certainly be change, but I don't actually see a material change in the number of companies one way or the other," Paterson said.

"The alternative to that would be that we could seek consolidation as we've seen in other markets like the United States when they had 15 carriers that became four or five. But I actually don't see that in the near future in this region. We don't have the same sort of dynamic that they had in that market and I don't think that's in the cards in the short term anyway," he said.