Reform Party Reveals New Political Campaign for Tallinn ({{commentsTotal}})

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On a day of grand political showboating, the Reform Party has kicked its slagging campaign into gear by revealing that it was behind an Internet campaign that uses semi-nude women to highlight Tallinn's problems.

The website, set up in the beginning of September, features topless young women - albeit with their breasts covered by banners - in front of the capital's supposed problem spots.

The women promised to drop the censoring banners on October 10 if they attracted at least 5,000 supporters.

Eight of the women gathered in front of the city administration building today, saying that the target had been reached. But to the disappointment of many of those who turned up, the women revealed only yellow and blue t-shirts calling for Reform Party MP Valdo Randpere to be elected Mayor of Tallinn.

The website is now decked out in the party's colors and displays a promise of the shirts coming off when Randpere has fulfilled his campaign pledges.