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Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix
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Internet voters set a new turnout record in Estonian municipal elections, with three and a half hours to go before the close of the seven-day e-voting period held ahead of Election Day.

As of 14:30, 121,104 people had voted online - compared with 9,287 in the 2005 municipal elections and 104,313 in the 2009 equivalent. Voters still have a ways to go, though, if they want to surpass the turnout of the 2011 parliamentary elections - 140,764.

Internet voting ends at 18:00 today, while advance polling in polling stations will draw to a close at 20:00.

As of last night, 16.5 percent of the electorate had taken part in either e-voting or advance voting.

At 20:00 yesterday, around 84,000 had cast paper ballots, while e-voting passed the 100K mark this morning, reaching 112,172 at 10:30.

English-language instructions for e-voting and other information is available on the National Electoral Committee's website.