Election Result Reactions: From Blame to the Future ({{commentsTotal}})

Eiki Nestor
Eiki Nestor Source: Photo: ERR

Center Party MP and former Tallinn Mayor Jüri Ratas congratulated IRL for expanding into 30 to 40 more municipalities than it did during the last local elections.

Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, chairman of the Reform Party, said that votes cast for election coalitions, of which none made it into Tallinn City Council, handed the Center Party victory in the capital.

He said that his party has been under strong media pressure in the last year-and-a-half, but despite that they managed to get good results.

Tallinn mayoral candidate Eerik-Niiles Kross (IRL), who finished in second place, said that his party will transfer the energy it showed during campaigning into opposition work in Tallinn's council.

“During the elections everyone has it in their head that they can win, but right from the beginning it was clear that the task [of defeating current Mayor Edgar Savisaar] was not going to be easy. But in my opinion, during the last few months we showed that a very large section of Tallinn residents are ready for change and that they are tired of the Center Party's long domination. Something new is in the air in Tallinn [...],” Kross said.

Social Democrat MP Eiki Nestor said that voters in Tallinn were driven to elect the status quo in fear that public transport would not be free after the elections, or even in fear that public transport would be shut down all together.

Nestor said that many people watched pre-election political debates as entertainment, not as serious discourse.