Former Interior Minister: Kross Wanted Notice Was Politicized By Original Poster ({{commentsTotal}})

Marko Pomerants
Marko Pomerants Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Marko Pomerants, head of the Parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee, has said that Interior Minister Ken-Marti Vaher did not cross a line when he demanded explanations over Interpol's posting of a Russian Federation wanted notice for Estonian politician Eerik Niiles-Kross.

"This case was politicized by the one that contributed to the pre-election posting," Pomerants, a former interior minister, told, not naming names. 

Pomerants said the interior minister would have the same position even if a political opponent were the target of such a notice, "if Russia were hunting [Social Democrat] Andres Anvelt."

Prime Minister Andrus Ansipi recently said, noting that postings on Interpol had to be cleared by a committee, that the interior minister and defense minister, both members of IRL, had politicized the case.