Kunda Worms Identified as Young of Summertime Scourge ({{commentsTotal}})

The culprit
The culprit Source: Photo: AP/Scanpix

Perhaps fittingly for a country that has only half-jokingly considered the creature for its national animal, the small filaments in Kunda's water turned out to be mosquito larvae. 

The discovery this week of initially unidentified organisms prompted the town of 4,000 to tell its residents to boil water before drinking. But University of Tartu entomologist Mati Martin, who supervised the investigation, said that far from being parasites, they were on the contrary a sign of the water's purity. 

He speculated that at some point in what has been a warm autumn, mosquito eggs had managed to pass through a water filter. 

"The fact that they are living there shows that the water is completely of high quality. Clearly it's aesthetically a little unpleasant to drink the water with little larvae but since filters do catch them, there is no risk to humans."