ERR Opens Culture Portal ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) has opened a culture website, which will complement the entertainment site opened earlier this year by covering more traditional genres, but in the same lively manner.

The five main sections of the site will be literature, art, film, music and theater.

Editor-in-chief Valner Valme said the site will work with partners in print media, such as  the journals Vikerkaar, Looming and Akadeemia, but emphasized liveliness of coverage. "We're a cultural newspaper that appears online, but [unlike others] we refresh our content not once but maybe up to 50 times a day," he told ETV.

Competition in the world of Estonian-language culture websites is considered stiff, even as some traditional cultural newspapers like Sirp, currently looking for an editor, are in an identity crisis.

Indirectly, the opening of the site should mean more cultural coverage for readers of ERR News, much as provided another avenue of coverage of lighter topics.

The entertainment site opened earlier this year,, was criticized by some commercial outlets as encroaching on their territory. The launch of the culture site is seen as allaying these concerns by returning to ERR's core mission to promote culture.