Non-Partisan Mayor Named in Paide ({{commentsTotal}})

Alo Aasma
Alo Aasma Source: Photo: ERR

A candidate who ran under the Social Democrats in the local elections but is not a party member has been named as the new mayor of Paide.

Alo Aasma was confirmed as mayor after the central city saw more than its share of post-election intrigue, with IRL and the Reform Party initially signing a coalition agreement, only for two IRL members to jump ship, ERR radio reported.

The two members were quickly followed by the Reform Party, which dumped its national-level coalition partner to joint the Social Democrats and the Center Party in a new union to lead the 8,700 population town.

IRL won the election in Paide, picking up seven of the available 21 seats, followed by the Social Democrats and the Reform Party with five places each, and the Center Party with four seats.

The two IRL candidates said they voted against their party out of conscience, although one of the two councilmen is Ako Aasma, the brother of the new mayor.

Alo Aasma was backed by 16 council members on Sunday.