RIA: Adobe Leak Affects 47,000 in Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Reuters/Scanpix

The password data leak at Adobe Systems also affected close to 47,000 e-mail addresses with the dot-ee domain extension, said the Information System Authority (RIA).

The list also included many addresses of Estonian users of service providers such as Gmail and Hotmail, said the authority in a statement today.

The authority said it urged people to change their password in services provided by Adobe and other companies where the same password was used. It also reiterated its warning against using the same password for different services, and called on computer users to opt for a stronger password.

The leak was first announced by Adobe on October 2, and it has since turned out to be 20 times worse than originally thought. Worldwide, the hackers gained access to 38 million active Adobe users' passwords in encrypted form along with hints supplied by users in case of a forgotten password. Credit card data - also in encrypted form - for 2.9 million users was also believed to have been stolen.