Nearly Half of Estonia's Workers Unmotivated, Says Job Seeker Portal ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

A survey by CV Keskus, one of the nation's two largest job seeker websites, found that 40 percent of the employed are not motivated at work, while another 25 percent are motivated mainly by the salary at their current positions.

“If 40 percent of survey participants work in a job where nothing motivates them, that unavoidably has an effect on productivity and the performance of the company,” Henri Auväärt, a spokesman for CK Keskus, told Äripäev today.

When asked what motivates them most at their current job, only 14 percent pointed to the job itself and 12 percent indicated agreeable colleagues. Work environment was named as the main motivating factor by 7 percent of respondents while only 2 percent said their motivation was an inspiring boss.

CV Keskus queried 1,339 people in the survey.