Fate of Society and Reform Party Entwined, Says MP ({{commentsTotal}})

Igor Gräzin
Igor Gräzin Source: Photo: ERR

The Reform Party is faring just as badly as Estonia's society, as both seem to have lost sight of the bigger picture, says Reform Party MP and former academic Igor Gräzin.

“I fear that we, and the Estonian society on the whole, seem to lack a grand goal. If you ask anyone what they want Estonia to be like in three, five or ten years, you will hear very few answers,” Gräzin said, speaking on ETV today.

The MP said that he does not agree with the media, Estonia's Prime Minister and the heads of other European nations who have said that we are already out of the economic crisis.

“The recovery, the 0.4 percent (year-on-year economic growth for Q3) - we can not call it growth! We are still only slowly moving out of the crisis and our real capacities for investing in big projects is still very limited,” the MP said.

The rock bottom of the crisis has been left behind, but life is not good yet, he said.

Speaking about his party, Gräzin said that the rating is low, and the chairman and PM is leaving, but the the next generation is already here. Great new ideas, like changing the income tax system, or dropping income tax completely, should be formed in the next six or 12 months.