This Week's Weather: Cold November Rain ({{commentsTotal}})

Tallinn in rain
Tallinn in rain Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Conditions over the coming days are expected to be reminiscent of a classic Guns N' Roses track.

When we look at the week's forecast,
what we see is cold, cold rain.
But since winter's around the corner
most would predict the same.

The weekend sun didn't last forever
and a low-pressure font is on its way.
And the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute
predicts cold November rain.

While Estonia's weather might not always be as romantic as “Cold November Rain,” this week might be perfect for sitting around a fireplace and drinking hot chocolate.

A low-pressure system will bring cold rain from Monday night until at least Thursday evening, if not longer. As temperatures are hovering only slightly above zero, the rain could quickly turn into sleet.

Daytime temperatures will be around 6C, rising to 8C on Wednesday, after which they will drop again.

Winds will continue to be around 60 kilometers per hour on the islands and coastal areas, calming slightly as the week progresses.

Thursday night could bring bigger changes as the low front weakens and rain clouds may move towards the east, bringing drier but cooler weather.