LNG to Make Baltic Heating Debut on Saaremaa ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Reuters/Scanpix

A Saaremaa dairy plant will switch from shale oil to liquefied natural gas (LNG) for its heating needs from January, the first time LNG will be used for heating purposes in the Baltics.

The first shipment of LNG is set to arrive in Saaremaa in January, Janek Parkman, head of Jetgas OÜ, which runs the project, told Saarte Hääl today.

Besides the dairy plant, nearby factories are also in negotiations to switch over to LNG.

Pärnu has five LNG-powered buses, and around 300 private vehicles running on gas.

Coincidentally, the LNG will be transported from a factory in Kingisepp town, in Russia, named after Saaremaa-born Estonian communist Viktor Kingissepp. During the Soviet era, Kuressaare, Saaremaa's main city, was also named after Kingissepp.