This Weekend's Weather: More Rain ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: PRNPM/EMF/Scanpix

Rubber boots are in order for the first weekend of November as several waves of low pressure heading in from the west are set to keep the potholes filled with puddles.

Friday's dampness should subside somewhat overnight as a temporary increase in the air pressure keeps the rain to a minimum through Saturday morning.

By Saturday afternoon, however, a new system heading this way from the direction of Scandinavia will have brought in warmer and wetter air. That should spell rain in the southwest by the afternoon, which will cover the entire mainland by evening. Winds are also expected to pick up as the day grows later. Daytime temperatures should be 8 to 11 C, dropping to 5 to 7 C overnight.

Heavy, windy rains are expected in the early hours of Sunday, at least until they move off towards Finland. During the day, the showers should peter out and the winds should die down. But the respite will be short lived. By evening a new wave of wet weather will hit Estonia's western edge, bringing rain to the islands before heading further inland. The mercury should reach the 7 to 10 C zone during the day, decreasing to 3 to 7 C by night.

Longer-term forecasts show the pattern of wetness continuing through the first half of next week, at the least.