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Source: Photo: Sirp
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The cultural weekly Sirp, which reaches a large majority of its readers online, has been down most of the morning on the day that it published its first issue under the new controversial interim editor Kaur Kender.

Managing editor Lea Larin told that the server was not keeping up with the amount of traffic.

Earlier, some had speculated that it was a denial of service attack. Since a wave of firings hit the ranks of the top editors, Sirp's Facebook site has been controlled by a contingent loyal to the old guard. 

Postimees, for its part, reported that the downtime was a marketing stunt designed to get people to buy the print edition - which Kender went on Twitter to deny.  

Whatever the case, dailies reported today that sales at newsstands have been brisk.

Larin said that Sirp had increased its print run about 30 percent, to 6,000 for this Friday's issue.