Rakvere Theater and Partners Win Finnish National Award ({{commentsTotal}})

On stage
On stage Source: Photo: ERR

Finland has recognized the Rakvere Theater with its national theater award - the first to be given abroad.

Rakvere will share the award with two partner theaters, the Telakka Theater based in Tampere and the Vanha Juko Theater in Lahti, reported ETV.

The theme of their cooperative project weighed the good and bad of societal attitudes "toward that which is familiar and that which is from the outside," said the report.

The troopes also exchange actors, with Hannu Salminen of Vanha Juko and Anti Mangonen of Telakka featured in the performance "Köök/keittiö" (Kitchen); and Rakvere actors Mait Joorits and Erni Kask taking roles in "Petroskoi" and "Kullervo."