This Weekend's Weather: Last Chance to Put On Winter Tires ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

While most of this weekend will still resemble this week's weather, except with less rainfall, next week will bring prime pothole formation weather and slippery patches in the mornings. 

Saturday will bring isolated drizzle and fog here and there. Temperatures will be 0-6 C Friday night and 3-7 C on Saturday. 

Saturday night will be about the same as the night before, with occasional light rain, and the possibility of some sleet toward morning. On Sunday, temperatures will be above freezing - 1-3 C. 

Winds will be light on Saturday, increasing to moderate by Sunday. 

Skies will clear on Sunday afternoon and temperatures will drop to a range of -6 to 2 C. For the first time this season, daytime temperatures on Monday and Tuesday may not make it above freezing in some inland areas, but that remains to be seen.  

Winter tires become obligatory on December 1, but studded tires have been street-legal for a month and with freeze-thaw conditions becoming more frequent, ERR News's automotive division is emphasizing the importance of good traction.