Weather: Snow, Sleet on the Way ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The weak flurries that hit parts of Estonia on Sunday night – the season's first snowfall – were a relatively benign taste of what is in store for the latter part of this week when windy conditions, sleet and snow are expected.

The brief period of calm, cold, sunny weather that started off the week should end by tomorrow, according to the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute. By this evening coastal winds are expected to start picking up to the 30 to 45 kph level as the current high-pressure system moves out of the area.

The early hours of Wednesday should still be clear with temperatures of -6 to -1 C, but as a low-pressure trough approaches from the Gulf of Bothnia, winds are expected to strengthen, topping 70 kph on the northern coast. Snow and sleet are expected to start covering the country from north to south, with the additional possibility of rain on the coasts.

As the temperature rises in the morning, the conditions should turn to a mix of rain and sleet, with the likelihood of precipitation decreasing in the afternoon. Daytime temperatures are expected to be +1 to +6 C.

Winds are expected to once again reach 70 kph on Thursday as Scandinavia is blanketed by a large weather system. Precipitation will come in the form of sleet and rain, and by evening, snow. The temperatures during the day should range from +2 to +6 C.

Continued low pressure conditions on Friday are expected to bring more moisture, mainly snow and sleet. Winds will once again be strong during the day, calming by evening. Temperatures around the country are expected to be -2 to +3 C.