'Web Constable' Receives 30 Reports Daily ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia's first Online Constable, Andero Sepp
Estonia's first Online Constable, Andero Sepp Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Estonia's first online police constable, who started work on June 1, is receiving around 30 reports each day, all filed via the Police and Border Guard Board's e-mail and social networking sites.

According to Constable Andero Sepp, 10 of them usually have enough information to start criminal proceedings.

"My task is to verify the information and recover as many additional facts as possible, then decide whether to forward the case to colleagues who will begin the proceedings," Sepp told uudised.err.ee.

The constable has so far received several reports regarding minors, with the most severe cases concerning child pornography and sexual exploitation of adolescents. Other reports have included numerous instances of online fraud.

The most popular means of online communication with the Police and Border Guard Board has turned out to be its Facebook page. Nevertheless, the conception that the police sit on social networking sites all day is false, said Sepp, explaining that most of his time is spent responding to inquiries received through e-mails.

The online constable said he has received positive feedback from the public regarding the new communucations channels. "People are very thankful and content. They like this simple way of contacting the police," he said.


Ingrid Teesalu