Norway Gunman Visited Estonia, Says Minister ({{commentsTotal}})

Anders Behring Breivik, wearing a self-designed uniform Source: Photo: Reuters/Scanpix

Massacre suspect Anders Breivik Behring, who has claimed responsibility for the organizing of the twin terror attacks in Norway on July 22, visited Estonia in 2004, Minister of the Interior Ken-Marti Vaher said.

Nevertheless, the minister did not wish to specify what exactly had brought the 32-year-old confessed mass murderer to the country seven years ago.

Breivik is suspected of killing eight people in a bomb attack in downtown Oslo and brutally murdering 68 people on the Island of Utoya, located not far from the country's capital.

Vaher also said it is "incredible" how one of the world's wealthiest countries like Norway did not have helicopters to transport armed response units onto Utoya, but instead had to resort to cars and boats. Ironically, a high-ranking police officer in Norway just recently criticized the Baltics for less than whole-hearted response to crime.

Unlike their counterparts in Norway, Estonia's helicopter pilots do not take collective summer holidays and are ready to react regardless of the season, said Vaher.

Vaher also said that due to the terror attacks in Norway, Estonia should review its legislation on issuing weapon permits and if needed tighten the rules.


Ingrid Teesalu

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