EMT Claims 95% 4G Coverage in Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Mobile operator EMT announced today it has completed its goal of covering 95 percent of Estonia with the fourth generation mobile communication standard.

EMT has been constructing 4G/LTE standard networks since May 29. The company reports 95 percent of the Estonian territory is covered by the standard as of yesterday evening.

The company is using a combination of frequency bands - 1,800 MHz, 2,600 MHz and since May, 800 MHz. EMT plans to keep using combined bands in the future.

EMT reported 30 percent of their mobile Internet customers have signed up for 4G.

The other two operators Tele2 and Elisa have invested less in their 4G coverage, so far spreading to major cities like Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu.