Memorial Honors Volunteer Fighters From Denmark ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

Over the weekend, in observance of Victory Day, a memorial was opened in the southern town of Rõuge to honor Danish volunteers who fought alongside Estonians in the War of Independence.

On June 23, 1919, the Estonian Army overcame the German Landeswehr in a crucial moment in the nation's war for independence.

Allies in that war included 200 volunteers from Denmark, who started their path to battle near Rõuge and of whom one in 10 ended up dying, reported ETV.

"Some were from the upper classes and others from the working class. Their common goal was to fight Bolshevism,” said Peter Kyhn, a historian and board member of the Danish-Estonian society.

Military officials said Denmark has continued to be one of Estonia's biggest supporters, playing an important role in building up Estonia's armed forces since re-independence.

"Denmark's military representative was the first at the table to raise his hand and say that Denmark is prepared to send its aircraft to defend the sovereignty of Baltic airspace. And other hands were raised following the Danes,” said Gen. Lt. Johannes Kert, an adviser to the Defense Ministry.