Swimmer Covers Length of Emajõgi River in Just Under 25 Hours ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

Swim coach Allan-Kris Malleus succeeded in his bid to become the first to swim the entire length of the country's most famous river, from one great lake to the other.

Malleus started on Thursday at 16:00 at Lake Võrtsjärv and and was pulled into a boat after reaching the Peipus a little before 17:00 on Friday - the first time in more than 24 hours and 100 kilometers he had touched a solid object.

He appeared in good spirits but said the second half of the journey, when the current slows, had exhausted him to the point where he couldn't climb on board.

"My hands are sore, and upper body is completely spent. Some problems with balance. To be in horizontal position for a whole day and working hard the whole time is tough, I feel a little woozy," said Malleus on ETV.

From the outlet at Praaga, Malleus proceeded to the Varnja border station, where he underwent a precautionary medical check, which turned out fine.