Russian Military Inspectors Complete Legitimate Airspace Mission Over Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

Russian military AN-30B aircraft in flight
Russian military AN-30B aircraft in flight Source: Photo: RIA Novosti/Scanpix

A Russian AN-30B aircraft carried out an observation mission over Estonia on Tuesday, as part of the Open Skies Treaty.

The aircraft was equipped with a panoramic camera, but all developed film will be done so in the presence of Estonian representatives, the Estonian Defense Forces said in a press release on Tuesday.

The 700 km trip was accompanied by four Estonian military personnel in the aircraft.

Russia has flown observe missions over the country since 2005, the last mission was in September, while Estonia itself conducted such a mission in 2011, with another planned for this year.

The Open Skies Treaty was signed at the end of the Cold War in 1992 to promote transparency between NATO and the then Warsaw Pact states, but only came into force in 2002

According to the treaty, Estonia must allow up to four airborne observation missions over its territory each year.