10-Year-Old and Two Preschoolers Go on Joyride ({{commentsTotal}})

The vehicle involved.
The vehicle involved. Source: Photo: Police

A Citroen being operated by a 10-year-old boy with five and six-year-old friends as the only passengers was stopped in Tartu last night, the police said.

A group of older youths had called the police saying they had detained the vehicle, which they said had been weaving dangerously on the road at Tartu city limits.

The police determined the identities of the children and found they were the same ones reported missing about an hour before. The vehicle  proved to be stolen.

The boys had climbed a fence in Lemmatsi village and made an unsuccessful attempt to start a truck parked on private property there.

They then succeeded in starting a Volkswagen belonging to the same owner, causing a "minor accident" on the premises. The children then moved on to the Citroen, the doors of which were also unlocked with the keys in the passenger compartment.

They drove the car the two kilometers from Lemmatsi to Tartu without any scrapes and emerged unscathed at the end of their trip.

The police released the children to the custody of their parents and informed the vehicle owner.