Train Company Apologizes to Stuck Passengers ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

Train operator Elektriraudtee apologized today for not doing enough to notify passengers stuck on a packed beach-bound train that came to a halt when an automatic system signaled that it was overloaded.

More information has come to light about the exact sequence of events on Saturday. The four-car train left Tallinn and was carrying 700 passengers when it reached Saue at 14:00, where additional passengers entered, causing the signal reading.

The driver called the dispatcher, who instructed the driver to override the signal and continue toward Kloogaranna, but at a maximum 60 kph.

The company said the driver focused on getting the train operable instead of attending to passenger concerns.

After 10 minutes, the driver exited the train, opening one of the doors. By that time, the climate control system had been switched on again.

Customer service personnel opened the rest of the doors about 20 minutes after the stoppage again, and the train continued on its way at 14:33, arriving at Kloogaranna at 15:07.

The company said all passengers have the right to seek a refund of the fare.