New Trains Equipped With Automatic Braking Systems ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The brand new trains currently entering service have a built-in automatic braking system that brings trains to a halt if anything should happen to the driver.

“The train brakes automatically if an 'alertness' button on the driver's control lever is not pressed by the driver quick enough or at required intervals,” Norbert Kaareste, head of sales and marketing at Elektriraudtee told Eesti Päevaleht on Thursday.

Commenting on the deadly train crash outside Santiago de Compostela in Spain on Wednesday, the head of railway safety at the Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority, Anvar Salomets, said that looking at how far the train's cars were from each other on the crash scene, and seeing no track deformities, high speed is the "only natural conclusion" as the reason.

Salomets said that kind of accidents are very unlikely in Estonia, as speeds are much lower.

Kaareste added Estonia's new trains are electronically limited to 120 kph.