Long-Distance Hiking Trail Gets Southern Spur ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: RMK

The State Forest Management Center has opened the second long-distance trekking route in Estonia, leading from Aegviidu to Ahijärve in the Karula National Park, a distance of 627 kilometers.

It complements the existing, 370-kilometer, northeast to southwest, Oandu to Ikla hiking trail, which was opened last year.

State Forest Management Center head Aigar Kallas said the path was laid out to pass by as many well-known and scenic places as possible along the way. "Unlike 2012's path, which mainly passes through forest, the southern trail goes through central Estonia's farmland landscape, the Endla mire and the Emajõgi river's delta area. The most exciting places are in the south, in the Seto region and in the Haanja and Karula uplands," he told Postimees.

A number of superlative features lie along the way - the river with the greatest fall (the Piusa, at over 200 meters) and sandstone caves; Estonia's deepest lake (Rõuge); its highest hill (Suur-Munamägi) and the hill with the highest prominence (Vällamägi).

The new path is blazed with white-green-white markings.