Rescue Service to Have New Headquarters Next Year ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

State Real Estate has announced a public procurement for the Rescue Service's new headquarters in Tallinn, accepting bids through September 12 and pinning the completion date by the end of 2014.

Officials say the project, which will join the Rescue Service and the emergency call center, is essential for the plan to transition emergency calls to a single phone number - 112. The police can currently be reached at 110 while firefighters and the ambulance are using 112.

The property will be in Tallinn's Lasnamäe district at Osmussaare tee 2. The complex will comprise a central four-story building split into three parts - the Rescue Service's garages; the training, changing and exercise rooms; and the emergency call center.

A four-story tower for firefighting and rescue exercises will also be built, as will a running track.