The Week's Weather: Don't Pack Your Shorts Away Yet ({{commentsTotal}})

Shorts are still in fashion
Shorts are still in fashion Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Any threats of autumn can be shelved for at least a few days, as fairly warm and sunny weather is expected to last until Thursday, and possibly beyond.

If the forecast from the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute is correct, the weekend's high-pressure system will keep the skies clear until a low-pressure system could bring showers on Thursday.

Beginning of the week, daytime temperatures should linger around 21 C in most of the country, while during the night some inland areas could experience temperatures as low as 5 C. Islanders will be luckier, experiencing up to 13 C during the nights.

After Tuesday, nights should be warmer, but daytime temperatures could be a few degrees cooler.

A low-pressure front Thursday could bring rain, but the high-pressure system should regain strength over the country by Friday, eliminating that chance.

In a twist of fate, wind speeds are expected to be well below 30 kilometers per hour throughout the week, less than two weeks after a new wind farm was opened near Paldiski.