Special Ops Unit Receives Honors ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Members of Estonia's special operations unit received distinctions in Afghanistan today for their involvement in NATO's mission.

The team has been in Afghanistan since May and is the second deployment of Estonia's special operations unit. Established in 2009, the unit's first team was deployed late last year under the command of US forces, reported uudised.err.ee.

"We sent you on your way as a unit, but here you have grown together to become a team, proving yourselves in battle and successfully accomplishing your assignments," said the unit's commander, Col. Lt. Riho Ühtegi.

The unit has been tasked with training and carrying out missions with Afghanistan's national forces. It has also worked closely with German, Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian forces.

Afte the general April 2014 pullout of Estonian forces from Afghanistan next year, the special ops unit will be among those remaining in the country.