Social Democrats Say '¡No Pasarán!' on Five Issues ({{commentsTotal}})

Andres Anvelt
Andres Anvelt Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The board of Tallinn's Social Democrats has said there are five issues they will not compromise on in potential coalition talks, further clarifying the party's position on possibly working with the Center Party.

The five issues are nursery school slots for all, coupled with kindergarten teacher pay raises; higher pensions and keeping subsidized medicines for the elderly; ingraining anti-corruption measures and abolishing Tallinn's "propaganda empire;" keeping free public transport in Tallinn and expanding it to non-Tallinners; and making administrative bodies responsible for confirmation of city district elders.

"We are prepared for cooperation with all political forces interested in Tallinn's future. But talks on government coalition will begin late on the evening of October 20 at the earliest," Tallinn mayoral candidate Andres Anvelt said in a statement. 

The party emphasized that they would not accept turning back the clock on decisions that it said benefited Tallinners - a reference to Reform Party's opposition to free public transport - or to accept a governance system that enabled corruption in the capital.