Estonian Drug Trafficking Suspects May Have to Serve First Years in Peru ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: ERR

The two Estonian women who were recently detained in Peru on drug trafficking charges may have to carry out the first three years of any potential sentences in Peru, and only then might be transferred to an Estonian penitentiary.

Still, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet told Postimees, there have been policy changes in the past, and the Estonian diplomat at the scene will continue to try to work something out.

Sten Schwede, Estonia's head consul in New York, went to Peru recently to meet with the suspects, their lawyer and various officials.

The two women, Anneli Kolk and Anne-Maarja Gross, reportedly told Schwede that they believed they had been hired to transport gold, not cocaine, from Peru to Spain.

They were arrested on October 4 after authorities found them in possession of six kilograms of cocaine at Cuzco Airport. They were charged on October 19, when a judge ordered a nine-month period of investigation. The women have since been at the Cuzco prison.

The Foreign Ministry said the number of Estonian citizens that have been detained for drug crimes in Peru and other Latin American countries has recently increased dramatically. At present, 37 Estonian citizens are serving prison sentences for drug crimes in six South American countries, including 15 inmates in Peru.