Art Museum Website Defaced, And Not By Banksy ({{commentsTotal}})

The scene of the crime.
The scene of the crime. Source: Photo: Screenshot

A second public sector institution in almost as many days has had its website hacked.

This time it was the Art Museum of Estonia, which fell prey to an actual defacement. The hackers, purportedly members of an Indonesian group, replaced the page with a black screen and a message suggesting they were trying to be helpful.

"Sorry admin, your security is low, patch your system," text read as computer-game-like music played.

The cyber attack occurred at 15:53 Tuesday and the page remained down late into the evening.

"Indonesian Defacer Newbie" claimed responsibility. 

On Monday, the Defense Ministry's site went black after a denial of service attack, which forced officials to take down the site as a precaution. Anonymous Ukraine claimed responsibility for that attack, which appeared politically motivated.