Grounded Island Ferry Rescue Stretches into Night Hours ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Courtesy of Tuule Grupp

A ferry ship en route from Saaremaa to Hiiumaa was freed at 00:40 last night after getting stuck in shallow waters four hours prior.

The Kõrgelaid ferry, operated by Väinamere Liinid, had departed from the Triigi harbor at 19:00, but 90 minutes later failed to dock at the Sõru harbor, running aground just 30 meters from the quay.

No danger was posed to the 24 passengers, 9 crew members and nine motor vehicles aboard. When stuck, the ship's position was stable, with the stern tied down to the quay.

The crew was prepared to evacuate the ship if the situation were not resolved, but rescuers managed to free the vessel.