Neeme Järvi Takes Break Due to Health Issue ({{commentsTotal}})

The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra's artistic director and head conductor, Neeme Järvi, said he will miss several performances on doctor's orders but that the shows must go on.

The announcement comes after some mixed messages last week, when a source claimed the artistic director would cancel performances in protest of organizational changes planned by the Ministry of Culture; Järvi later refuted the claims.

Today, Järvi's announcement on the ERSO website said: "Music life cannot suffer and concerts cannot be canceled. The music must resound and the audience must enjoy it - especially at such a joyful time as the end of the year. But […] I am tired and need a break."

"I have strict instructions from the doctor due to which I am forced to stay away from the stage for some time," he said.

Järvi will be substituted by Grammy-winning conductor Mikko Franck.