Consumer Protection Board Slams Elisa for E-Bill Fees ({{commentsTotal}})

The Consumer Protection Board has criticized telecom company Elisa for planning a 60 cent charge for e-bills from next year, adding that it may begin an investigation.

Elisa announced the new fee on Monday, arguing that the mandatory crossover to the Single European Payments Area (SEPA) on February 1 will bring expenses which will have to be covered.

The board told Postimees that SEPA is not a valid argument for imposing the fee and they will analyze the situation to see whether an investigation should be opened against Elisa.

Elisa plans to begin charging a 60 cent fee for each bill sent via e-mail, but bills will still be free to view on the self-service site.

Other mobile phone service providers have said they have not yet discussed the topic, or will not introduce such measures.